As a very experienced commercial painting contractor Jim Parker completes most painting jobs early, for example Los Feliz Towers, two fifteen story towers 196 unit condominium project we painted twice earning thousands of dollars for early completion, please see the second recommendation letter.
As a painting contractor that owns multiple swing stage scaffolding, we never have to rent any scaffold or rigging equipment. Other painting contractors have to rent their swing stage scaffolding. Parker crews are familiar with rigging and working on swing stage projects. We do not have to rush any jobs to turn in rental equipment.
The second time Parker painted these two fifteen story buildings it was not because they had any peeling or failing paint. The buildings showed cracks and concrete spalling after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake.
Parker supplied the HOA with performance and payment bonds and a written ten year labor and material warranty. These buildings now have a properly applied very high quality paint coating that will protect and look beautiful for many decades. We can handle any size paint job, providing rapid completion of top quality painting work.


Urgent Quick Response – men, equipment and materials on job site in 24 hours, Project completed in 72 hours.