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The James Oviatt Building | 617 S Olive – Los Angeles, CA.

Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #195, listed in the national Register of Historic Places.

This grand building opened in 1928 as the headquarters for the Alexander Oviatt men’s clothing company. Twelve stories with a beautiful neon clock tower it was built with poured concrete walls in Italian Romanesque design with classic ornate trim. It is a prime example of Reni Lalique glass.

Fifteen years prior to our contract was the last time this building was painted, we learned that the entire job was done at that time from window washers bosuns chairs repelling down the sides not giving the workmen a stable work platform. Consequently this grand building did not get the proper care it deserved as evidenced by the extensive concrete spalling and neglected windows shown in the first two pictures above.

The owner contracted with Parker in 2011 to restore and waterproof the exterior walls and trim. The job involved but was not limited to rigging all the elevations for work access, identifying, removing all hollow or unsound concrete, excavating spalling and cracks, preparing exposed steel re bar, patching, priming, and applying a waterproof Elastomeric coating system that ended all water intrusion on the first attempt.

We repainted the beautiful multicolor Oviatt crest on the clock tower west wall. The street front elevation windows made of wood where in a extremely deteriorated state, with the wood cellulose exposed to the elements for years and very soft. Many had lost most of the glass glazing, after skillful preparation our crews applied a high quality low viscosity penetrating epoxy to restore the wood. After that we sanded, primed, re-glazed and painted them bringing them back to their original beauty and color.

Truly a beautiful old building, view the pictures and owner signed reference letter of this very interesting coating job.

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Central Plaza | 3440, 3450, 3460, 3470 Wilshire Blvd – Los Angeles, CA.

Within 72 hours Parker had a signed contract, placing manpower, material and equipment on the job.

Central Plaza is a constant use high rise commercial office complex consisting of four twelve story buildings having retail stores and restaurants on the ground level. Built in 1952, in the early 1990s it was in need of a extensive exterior upgrade. As is the case on many large projects, after taking bids from numerous contractors the upgrade project was put on hold due to high cost, in excess of 1.3 million dollars. This project was shelved for close to two years until Jim Parker met with the owners construction manager. Within 72 hours Parker had a signed contract, placing manpower, material and equipment on the job.

Parker completed the project in minimal time, doing extra work painting the parking structure interior, line striping, painting stairwells, resealing the 3470 building windows, and providing a 20 year waterproof warranty. On Jan 17, 1994 the massive Northridge Earthquake struck causing hundreds of annealed glass windows to break in these buildings, fortunately most where tinted with inside film, saving glass shards from raining down. Again Jim Parkers’ company owned access equipment and crew saved the owner money and time by rapidly installing over $250,000 worth of new window glass at considerable cost savings.

All of the masonry curtain walls and ground level facia of these buildings where prepared, filled, a primus cement base coat was trowel applied, then a worm finish synthetic plaster was applied, lastly it was coated with a elastomeric coating. All unanodized window mullions where painted. All the exterior surfaces of all four buildings where coated and painted by Parker in 1993, as of February 2013 they have not been repainted. Twenty years of quality high use commercial service life with no coating failure. In fact the job looks as new. We can do the same for your project.

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Country Club Manor | 316 N Rosmoore – Los Angeles, CA.

Parkers’ workmen accomplished the entire job without one personal interior item damaged or missing.

Built in 1926 the ” Country Club Manor” is a six story concrete poured in place architectural gem, just two blocks from Larchmont Village it was converted to high end condominiums in the 90s, by 2005 its’ expensive dual pane mahogany windows where in need of complete restoration/refinishing. The OEM factory clear finish was failing to the point that many wood surfaces where totally exposed to the weather and had developed the dead gray, driftwood appearance.

The management company and the condominium board searched in vain to find a qualified Los Angeles painting contractor to do this challenging project within their budget until Jim Parker was referred. After completing a beautiful window sample Parker was given the contract. Parker crews did extra work removing and re-installing all of the black iron safety railings, preparing and spray painting them under containment on site. Parker also re-coated the interior windows of many of the units. Due to the complete sanding, striping, re staining work, every single unit needed to be fully covered inside for protection.

Parker actually finished the work in less time than the allotted schedule. Completed in 2007 the beautiful mahogany windows now have a thicker catalyzed two component urethane clear finish that is more durable than the factory finish due to the cross linking of the molecules in the A and B components the finish coat is extremely tight, tough and durable with a feel and service life similar to quality OEM automotive finishes. The coating used is free of harmful solvents, it is water based, environmentally friendly , GREEN.

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Ocean Plaza HOA | 531 Esplanade – Redondo Beach, CA.

Concrete buildings on the ocean front are subject to the salt air, chlorides from the salt water waves breaking and on shore winds. This severe adverse condition causes the chlorides to penetrate cracks in the concrete. If it reaches the steel reinforcement rust is inevitable so over time the steel expands to over eight times its original volume causing deterioration of the concrete and the rebar reinforcement. The concrete breaks away, called spalling, causing a dangerous condition below along with compromising the building itself.

We employ expert concrete building repair methods by using high quality repair materials and workmanship. We excavate the spalling, remove all rust, apply protective coating to the cleaned steel rebar, perform a solid patch to restore the concrete to better than original quality.

Jim Parker also does epoxy injection of concrete buildings with low viscosity high strength epoxy to fill cracks as a part of complete building restoration.

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La Canada High School | 4463 Oak Grove Dr. La Canada, Ca. 91011

Parker offered to give the school board three years to pay for the job. The school board agreed.

In 1987 the La Canada School District took public bids for the complete exterior painting of the La Canada High School campus. This was a standard bid/contract package.

Parker was the lowest responsible bidder on the six figure contract. After attempting to award the contract to a more local contractor at a higher bid price, which is not legal, the school board actually proposed doing the entire painting job with volunteer parent labor citing lack of money as the reason.

Jim Parker attended the school board meeting staying until 10:30 pm, Parker offered to give the school district three years to pay for the job. The school district agreed. Parker completed the entire job doing extra work in six weeks that summer vacation period earning the attached reference letter. The district paid for the the job in three equal payments over a three year period.

This averted the disastrous idea of using volunteer parent help to paint the entire high school campus exterior. The district got a great paint job, see reference letter.

We will work with you to solve any special painting needs including financing.

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