Venetian Plaster vs Sand Plaster…

View the beauty and attributes of Venetian Plaster in this six minute video, see it compared to conventional sand plaster.

Also view one of our beautiful local exterior smooth Venetian Plaster jobs. Exterior grade smooth Venetian plaster is most often called Marmorino. Many more styles are available for interior use with deep rich colors, metallics, highly burnished or polished. They can even look like marble or stone. They can also be wax finished to further enhance the color and render the already cleanable surface even more washable.

We use only authentic quality imported Venetian plaster, the material labeled Venetian plaster sold by Home Depo, Lowes and the large chain outlets is not Venetian Plaster at all. Venetian Plaster contains no sand. It is made from slacked limestone, and marble dust using the same methods the Romans used thousands of years ago. Venetian plaster will not crack, it is waterproof, has tenacious adhesion, it will not get soft like sand plaster, it is a totally green material.

Venetian plaster is clean and will not support any mildew growth. Venetian Plaster has a much tighter and smoother surface than sand plaster, it will outlast sand plaster many times over. Venetian plaster still graces many Italian buildings since Roman times. Venetian plaster can be stained multiple times with different tints giving it a complex very rich interesting decorative look. It can be made to match up or compliment any stone, granite, marble, tile etc. We can make up 24″x 24″ sample boards to satisfy even the most demanding decorators, architects or owners.

The style, look, color, hue, degree of variation, acceptance of tint and shading is almost limitless with Venetian Plaster. Venetian Plaster is infinitely repairable unlike conventional sand plaster that shows most patches.

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