Towers at Laguna Woods Village, 311 Units |

Built in 1974 These twin 14 story towers are built of solid grout split block masonry with walls that had been painted four times prior to our coating job. All the exterior surfaces had severely failing paint. The aluminum windows, doors and railings had peeling paint with corrosion. The masonry had loss of inter coat adhesion resulting in extensive bubbling from small to large bubbles, some the size of a newspaper page.

We removed all the failing elastomeric coating on the masonry walls by vapor blasting with environmentally safe crushed glass abrasive and hot water pressure washing with 5000 PSI.

The aluminum rails, windows and doors were prepared by hot water high pressure washing, the remaining old coatings were removed by using hand-held orbital sanding machines with 2 inch and 5 inch discs. The metal handrails were primed and finished with high performance protective coating PPG PSX 700. All the aluminum windows and doors were restored by applying using Kynar Primer and finish coat.

Parker crews worked non-stop, even in the rain to complete this project ahead of the allotted time schedule. Twice we had to assist in the extermination of hybrid Africanized bee colonies at 165 feet above ground. These hybrid bees were very aggressive they swarmed chased people stinging while attacking. We secured and caulked all the upper metal flashings to prevent swallows from nesting in the open flashing gap. The crews had to wait for an owl family to hatch eggs and rear it’s young on one upper balcony, see photo.

We performed  x-rays of the concrete balcony walls and decks to show  the reinforcement steel bar placement in the concrete to ensure safe use of 45,000 lb heavy equipment and parapet clamps. Boom Lift tires where fitted with protective covers to prevent black tire marks on the deck concrete which was also covered with large tarping.

Cars were completely covered with visqueen to insure no paint over spray on any cars. The job was executed systematically and inspected for quality during each phase of progress.  By skillful workmanship along with careful ingenious manipulation of large boom lifts and swing stages  a safe very high quality beautiful job was turned over to the association.

We specified and used PPG PSX 700 siloxane high performance protective coating on all the railings.
OEM  Kynar floropolymer primer and topcoat on all the window frames and aluminum doors.
BASF HB 200 Waterproof coating, BASF primer 100 on the masonry walls.
Sherwin-Williams H&C Acryla cool deck coating on the unit balcony decks.

Over 6,000  gallons of coating material was used on this project.

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Below are just a few photos of the hundreds of free hats given by Jim Parker to the beautiful and interesting residents of the Towers at Laguna Woods during our commercial painting job.