We warranty our commercial painting jobs to have no water intrusion through the building walls and the paint to remain bonded with no excessive fading.

We get to the root source
of the building leaks and defects, correcting water leaking intrusion problems with time proven methods and the latest high performance waterproofing and paint materials while working closely with major manufacturers field representatives.

Cracking of concrete walls is normally the result of an inadequate quantity of re bar or re bar being spaced at too great a distance. It can also be caused by re bar not placed deep enough in the concrete matrix, two inches should be the minimum depth of concrete coverage over steel re bar. The concrete should have been properly placed and consolidated, vibrated removing any trapped air, all within the time restraints of a few hours dictated by the temperature. The batched concrete temperature which is effected by the air temperature greatly effects the the initial concrete setting time – as a example at 80 degrees the initial set is 2 hours, at 100 degrees the initial set is just 45 minutes.

Southern California has had major earthquakes and tremors another cause of serious concrete cracking. Even cracks that are not structural can expose the steel re bar to moisture and chlorides resulting in rusting of the re bar causing concrete spalling. Eventually given enough time the concrete can fall from the wall. The expansion force of the rusting re bar steel is thirty times greater than the compressive strength of normal concrete.

Carbonation of concrete is another main cause of the corrosion of embedded steel reinforcement. Basically Carbonation is a reaction of the carbon dioxide in the air reacting with the alkali in the cement lowering the PH, the carbon dioxide starts to carbonate the cement in the concrete. Below a PH of 10 the steel is subject to corrosion having lost its passivation layer. New concrete when placed has a PH 13. Although carbonation is a slow process it never stops just like rust never sleeps. Older buildings are more susceptible to serious damage, that is why it is so important to get the highest quality repair and waterproofing job to protect your real estate investment for the long term.

Notice the picture below – top left, it shows the Oviatt, a historical building in three separate conditions – middle of the picture you can see the building reinforcement steel exposed at every floor level. Long term exposure to air and moisture has rusted the re bar causing extensive concrete spalling which could eventually compromise the building structural integrity, not to mention cause injury to the people and property below.

The right side of this picture shows treated and skillfully patched concrete spall repairs that will not show through the waterproofing coating to be applied.

The left side shows windows painted with walls patched and coated.

As a qualified waterproofing commercial painting contractor we identify the cause then repair it with the latest high performance materials restoring your buildings to better than new, and provide the owner with a written long term waterproof warranty.

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