Ocean Plaza HOA | 531 Esplanade – Redondo Beach, CA.

Concrete buildings on the ocean front are subject to the salt air, chlorides from the salt water waves breaking and on shore winds. This severe adverse condition causes the chlorides to penetrate cracks in the concrete. If it reaches the steel reinforcement rust is inevitable so over time the steel expands to over eight times its original volume causing deterioration of the concrete and the rebar reinforcement. The concrete breaks away, called spalling, causing the dangerous condition below along with compromising the building itself.

We employ expert concrete building repair methods by using high quality repair materials and workmanship. We excavate the spalling, remove all rust, apply protective coating to the cleaned steel rebar, perform a solid patch to restore the concrete to better than original quality. On this project on the west elevation we removed all the old foam backer rod and all the existing caulking, cleaned all joints, installed new backer rod, re caulked with all new BASF 150 urethane caulking material, after curing we masked all the windows, high pressure washed the entire wall, full primed all the concrete with BASF 100 primer, then applied two coats of BASF HB 200 waterproofing coating in two separate colors giving the building a beautiful new look making it waterproof once again.

Jim Parker also does epoxy injection of concrete buildings with low viscosity high strength epoxy to fill cracks as a part of complete building restoration.

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