Country Club Manor | 316 N Rosmoore – Los Angeles, CA.

Parkers’ workmen accomplished the entire job without one personal interior item damaged or missing.

Built in 1926 the ” Country Club Manor” is a six story concrete poured in place architectural gem, just two blocks from Larchmont Village it was converted to high end condominiums in the 90s, by 2005 its’ expensive dual pane mahogany windows where in need of complete restoration/refinishing. The OEM factory clear finish was failing to the point that many wood surfaces where totally exposed to the weather and had developed the dead gray, driftwood appearance.

The management company and the condominium board searched in vain to find a qualified Los Angeles painting contractor to do this challenging project within their budget until Jim Parker was referred. After completing a beautiful window sample Parker was given the contract. Parker crews did extra work removing and re-installing all of the black iron safety railings, preparing and spray painting them under containment on site. Parker also re-coated the interior windows of many of the units. Due to the complete sanding, striping, re staining work, every single unit needed to be fully covered inside for protection.

Parker actually finished the work in less time than the allotted schedule. Completed in 2007 the beautiful mahogany windows now have a thicker catalyzed two component urethane clear finish that is more durable than the factory finish due to the cross linking of the molecules in the A and B components the finish coat is extremely tight, tough and durable with a feel and service life similar to quality OEM automotive finishes. The coating used is free of harmful solvents, it is water based, environmentally friendly , GREEN.

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